A spin-off to Return to OZ
                    reflections in the mirror 

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A young man (Young Randy Bruce) has a big obsession with the 1985 film

"Return To Oz".


In the morning, while waking up he recalls a dream he had overnight. In his

dream, it is about 15 years later, and he is a very successful actor.


Now in his early 30s Randy (Jason Smither)  reflects in the mirror and remembers, he still is a big fan of Return to Oz. He knows that his family and the bond he has with his friends mean much then earning a paycheck or signing a contract.


After waking up, (young Randy) realizes it was a dream but wonders if it was a glimpse into his future. Later in the film, young Randy shares fun facts and trivia, about the 80s Return to Oz cult classic. Rated PG for brief language and disturbing images.


         An Original Song...Reflections in The Mirror   - iTunes Single

                      With Randy Bruce as the Host/Young Randy

                       & Jason Smither as Randy, 15 Years Later













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