"Remembering Return to Oz"  is the brand new film on Disney's Return to Oz. This film gathers cast/crew from the film; with a look

back on over 30 years of this cult

classic film. Thank you to all who have been
waiting for this film. It has been a long few years, but we are excited about the finished line. It is coming soon!

Remembering Return to Oz is produced by Aaron Pacentine, directed by Aaron Schultz, with Elizabeth Reams as Executive Producer.

Original FIlm Music composed/conducted by
Alexander Shesha.  All of the film music that will be in the upcoming film doc

Buy the music today - on iTunes!




 Featuring memories and interviews with Fairuza Balk, Emma Ridley, Pons Maar, Justin Case, John Alexander, Deep Roy,
 and other
 crew members, including the director Walter Murch, producer  Paul Maslansky, alongside Gary Kurtz,
and Colin Michael Kitchens, and film composer David Shire.  























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